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Serious Personal Injury

Dolina/Hobbs offers aggressive and effective representation of plaintiffs in serious personal injury cases including, slip and fall cases, automobile accidents, defective products, medical and legal malpractice. Mr. Dolina is licensed in Maryland and West Virginia and has handled matters in both jurisdictions.

In thirty years of practice, Mr. Dolina has developed a respected practice which has obtained optimum settlements and delivered consistent jury verdicts. Mr. Dolina has received an “AV” rating from Martindale-Hubbell.

It is important in plaintiff personal injury matters that the potential client secures legal counsel as quickly as possible. Under no circumstances should the client provide recorded or written statements to an insurer or owner other than to simply report the incident. Under no circumstances should an unrepresented party attempt to negotiate settlements or payments of medical expenses, property damage without the advice of counsel.

It is particularly important in “slip and fall cases,” otherwise known a “premises liability” cases, that the attorney be retained promptly to insure a) Preservation of the scene and other evidence; b) Proper notice to the responsible party; and c) A prompt investigation to determine relevant codes and any code violations and general conditions of the property.

“Slip and fall” cases involving businesses and apartment complexes, are all subject to standards and codes which may serve as the basis for both notice to the land owner that the property is defective and proving lack of warning concerning that defect.