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How many clients does your attorney have that were born in the 1800's?

We have two!

1800sIssues with the title to property that can span back decades or centuries happen more often then we would like to think. Under normal circumstances, when someone purchases a house, a deed is recorded with the Court to show the change in ownership of the property. However, the recording of the proper deed with the Court does not always happen. This mostly happens when someone passes away and the property is then occupied by family who do not take the required steps to transfer the property to the heirs.

This is how Dolina/Hobbs, LLC ended up with two clients that were born in the 1800’s! To provide clear title to the property, we will now open estates for the property owners to properly transfer the ownership of the property to the heirs of the estate. If this problem that sounds like something youor someone you know is experiencing, contact the attorneys at Dolina/Hobbs, LLC to guide you with their expansive experience with this type of case today!