Recent Case Summaries

-Complex business litigation with multiple defendants and cross claims was filed in circuit court and district court over breach of an oral contract for services and the sale of a business. Settlement was achieved at mediation for $80,000.00.

-Plaintiff was assaulted under supervision at an adult care center. Plaintiff filed suit in for several issues, including a Wrongful Birth claim. Prior to trial, Plaintiff was able to secure a settlement for $ 45,000.00.

-Plaintiff, a hearing impaired elderly male, was rear-ended while turning into his driveway in Hagerstown, Maryland resulting in serious personal injury. Plaintiff was able to secure a settlement following mediation for $100, 00.00.

-Plaintiff filed a suit in a legal malpractice case matter against an attorney that improperly represented both spouses in a divorce matter. Plaintiff filed suit and settled at mediation for $150,000.00.

-Plaintiff was injured at work when a faulty mechanical crane gave away. Causing him to fall from a high position and sustain in severe injury. Plaintiff brought suit against multiple defendant manufacturers and secured a settlement of $255,000 prior to trial.

-A minor child was injured at school when a defective plastic stool broke in half, exposing a metal bar that caused traumatic injury. After a low initial offer of $7,000, plaintiff was able to recover for $60,000 at mediation.